Friday, October 17, 2014

New Fabric Design!

I have a new fabric design to show you... I've been quite busy with the day job lately, but I 
just had to see if this idea worked so I've been indulging in a bit of midnight printing :)

Initially I was calling it Flower Block, but I think I'll be changing that soon... now that I see it 
all printed up I'm thinking it looks a bit like those fabulous breeze blocks you used to see in 
1970s architecture. So, I think I'll be changing the name; adding in a Breeze before the Block ;)

I'll be making these panels into pouches soon.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The long road...

Have you ever started a project that just went on forever? There are no deadlines, you just 
do little bits here and there when you can, and the days turn to months... and then one day, 
you've actually finished and you can't quite believe it?

It's been a long road - I think I started this blanket at the end of the last summer (!) and here 
it is the beginning of this summer and it's ready for moth-ball storage until next winter ;)

Such a difficult colour to capture - even though it looks like graphite it really is a beautiful 
dark navy... Jo Sharp Mulberry Silk Georgette in Pebble (about a millions balls)... I had to 
pop out to the shops to buy more so often I've actually lost count of how many ;) 
64 panels in various patterns of about 15cms square, joined together with ladder stitch to 
form a queen bed-sized blanket.

This one's for my bed :)