Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Figuratively speaking...

I am such a fan of figurative paintings. They draw me into their world like the 
playing out of a story. I guess that's what the hook is, the narrative of a moment 
captured. The painting below are by Minneapolis-born artist, Michael Carson.
There's almost a photographic reference to his work too, like negatives have been 
placed over each other of the same figures to show a kind of time-lapsed movement.
Lovely, aren't they? You can see more of his paintings here.


  1. I likey, I likey a lot! Thanks for the link!

  2. Lovely works! Are you familiar with Jack Vetriano? Scottish artist, also lovely works! :)

  3. Exciting work Kylie. Thank you for the introduction!!XX

  4. I love Michael Carson's paintings too Kylie. Love your description of his style and figurative work in general - not sure I've thought about it like that buts it;'s a really nice way to view them :)