Monday, August 13, 2012

Poised on the edge...

It's been a long time coming, but yes, I've finally finished the Isometric Blanket.
It hasn't been washed or blocked yet so it's still a tad bumpy... but I have a question... 

Is the fine edging enough?

I didn't want to distract from the 3D patterning by boxing it in... that was my thinking 
anyway, but does this thin edging make it look somehow not finished properly...? 
What do you think?

All thoughts gratefully received :)

UPDATE: Thanks for your lovely comments! I've gone with the majority and 
have left it with a fine black border. It's all washed and blocked and finished now.... 
and it's in my shop :)


  1. I adore it!! It turned out awesome. I really like the narrow border. I think it helps the design pop even more.

  2. I like it how it is!
    That 3d effect is amazing!!!x

  3. It looks absolutely incredible! You should be very proud of it! I think you are right to keep the edge as simple as you have done, so it does not detract from the pattern at all! Gorgeous, wonderful, creative stuff! Well Done!

  4. BIG thumbs up to the thin edging. Finishes it off perfectly. Stunning piece Kylie!

  5. I love it as is! Wow! The 3d effect is incredible!! Amazing work Kylie!
    (and thank you for your last comment, I am so happy to receive your thoughts-
    you are so far away, and yet I feel like you know me so well- I guess we have been blog-friends for a couple of years already now(more actually!)- isn't that awesome?)

  6. It looks perfect to me.
    Wish having the same name wasn't all we had in common!

  7. It's amazing. The illusion is fantastic.

  8. i think it looks completely and utterly finished and beautiful in it's entirety!

  9. it looks awfully good! Of course you can always find flaws with a magnifying glass... This blanket will be for someone a welcome decoration in his/her home.

  10. It's perfect, don't change a thing! The thin border suits it perfectly. I really don't think it would look right with something thicker. And, yes, it looks very finished just as it is. Well done!

  11. One day Kylie, i'd love to do you an isometric linoleum floor to match! OR even marble....