Thursday, September 13, 2012

Creative Space: Totes and cushions

I've been a bad blogger... so much going on, but thankfully this includes 
some birthdays to make for, so I do actually have something to show.

Tote with box corners... my screen printed Atomic Flower design in 
chartreuse with black linen backing.

Cushion in Atomic Flower with black linen too.

The week has been full with seeing friends, quality time with my little 
nephew, and sneaking out to see Moonrise Kingdom again ;) I'm also
knee-deep in a secret screenprinting joint-project...

Hope you've had a wonderfully creative and full week. See more creative 
spaces here... don't forget to leave thanks to Kirsty for hosting :)

p.s. the totes were birthday presents but the cushion will be in my 
shop soon (once I've taken some decent photos).


  1. oooh that joint project sounds V exciting Kylie!!
    Loving your tote and cushion!XX

  2. These are gorgeous, your fabric is so beautiful, and I dont normally like yellows, but this is so lovely.

  3. Kirsty, they're beautiful, the texture and print really comes to life!

  4. that fabric is gorgeous, i bet they made happy recipients :)sarah

  5. Oh your fabrics are heavenly! Clever you!! Hope all is lovely in your little slice of the world :)

  6. Great minds indeed, love them both Kylie :-)

  7. Fabulous fabrics Kylie! Looking forward to your secret revealed!!!xx

  8. Beautiful Kylie - lucky birthday mates. x

  9. Lovely pieces. The lime green and black combo is always a winner.

  10. ok, can't take it any longer...what's the secret joint project????!!!

    The tote is fab and the cushion is just so stylish, Kylie...I'll be keeping an eye out for it in your shop...x

  11. Lovely work, Kylie! And a secret joint project.... that sounds great. I almost can't wait for more details about it! :)

  12. LOVE the tote and cushion in your gorgeous fabric . And this secret project sounds very exciting! xo
    PS thank you for your special comment , it made my day xo

  13. They look gorgeous! Love the cushion especially :)

  14. Both the bag and cushion are gorgeous. Love the box corners on the bag and the fabric!


  15. Oh Kylie, I love these so much!! Is there any hope of a tote making it into the Paravent shop, ever? x Alisa