Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Noticing... (and an update!)

I'm about to run out of the house and go to the Queensland Museum to see an 
exhibition called Dressed By the Best. It's a tribute to Gwen Gillam, a Queensland 
fashion designer from the 1950s and 1960s.  

Meanwhile I've been looking at some photos from my last outing to the gallery/
museum precinct at Southbank. I took a few photos of a North Korean mosaic at 
GOMA and I'm becoming obsessed with pixelation all over again. 

This is a black suit...

A white suit...

A button on a jacket....

Some flowers...

A wreath...

A trombone....

...and the whole mosaic :)

Loving how the different tiles come together to create a colour perception that
isn't necessarily there... and a depth perception too. Fascinating, isn't it?

Hope you have a good day :)

UPDATE: I'm back from the exhibition and it was quite good. So funny to see all 
the archive photos of the Brisbane social scene... Lennons Hotel etc and, of course,
all the magnificent frocks! I only took a couple of photos before being told that I
wasn't allowed to, so it's just these two I'm afraid.

The one thing that really struck me from the exhibition was the QUALITY of fabric.
You just don't see this kind of fabric anymore... not for purchase anyway and I'm
sure if we did it would be inaccessible price-wise! ;) Anyway, if you're in Brisbane 
I do recommend going... for the social history, but also the fabric :)


  1. Wow! It's amazing seeing the details and then the full picture. I never would have imagined it would look like that.

  2. Wow that is quite amazing hey! Dressed by the best sound really interesting too... Love 50's and 60's clothes! :)

  3. Oh, I haven't seen either of those yet. A trip to the gallery is on the cards though very soon. The mosaics remind me of when we were being taught how to manipulate photographs with photoshop at Uni. Everyone of those little dots mattered. :)

  4. i can't believe those pixalated pieces came from the whole piece...amazing! thanks for sharing Kylie x

  5. You can still get fabric of that quality now, but it is horrifically expensive. As I suspect it was then!
    I have a friend who works for McQueen and the fabrics they use are breathtaking. I guess it has always been thus at the top end of the industry.

  6. The little black dress on the left of pic is soooo beautiful! I love the way the skirt flounces around the hemline and the sheerness of the fabric and the layering..wow. I am fascinated by your pixel pix too.

  7. You are so right, the tiles do create a really interesting color effect. And I really need a black dress, so classy! Xx

  8. I love the close up of those mosaics! Absolutely gorgeous!!
    It looks like an amazing exhibition, the fabrics sound incredible!X

  9. Pixellation is an amazing thing. Love the way you lead up to the whole with the close-ups!

  10. Ah, all that wonderful culture you've been absorbing lately. Nice stuff. I've been popping out to galleries when I can too. So inspiring - every time!

  11. oh how i'd love to have tagged along with you on these art/fashion loving jaunts! fab pic assortments. i can never get over how amazing it is to see something as beautiful up close as it is from afar. different but still stunning, like a Monet. so many variables to appreciate, glad you shared yours. ♥