Thursday, November 1, 2012

Creative Space: a MoF and a Blanket

Feels like Thursday has come around very quickly this week... Only one 
MoF (Month of Finishing) project has been completed this week – the 
Isometric Cushion in Summersky...

I've also been without a computer and have taken the opportunity to do 
some more rows on the ombré ripple blanket... 

There's also been a development on the Ouchflower / Paravent collaboration 
too... we have a first born! Pippa has finished the macramé fringe on the first
panel and we're very excited about it :)

What have you been up to? You can see more spaces here.


  1. Your new cushion is glorious my favourite yet of the cubey ones i think.
    And so is that blanket, and you know how i feel about your collab piece xo

  2. Loving the collaboration - print + macrame = amazing!

  3. Three wonderful projects Kylie - love them ALL!!X

  4. It's always such a hive of beautiful creativity at your house Kylie! Loving that ripple. So cool and soothing. xx

  5. I know this thursday came a round way to quickly! Love all your projects.. always inspiring! :)

  6. I'm loving the colors in that ripple. The whole thing looks wonderfully soft and cozy!

  7. You are such an arty crafty lady! Love the collaboration you are doing with the panel and the macrame!!! Gorgeous work!

  8. Lots of busy wonderfulness coming from your part of the world Kylie.
    Love that blue!

  9. really liking that cushion with the old-tiles pattern!