Monday, November 12, 2012

New in the shop

Have you ever had a week of creative explosion? I can't quite work out what's 
happening here but I seem to be churning out a lot of stuff. It's pretty weird...
nice weird though ;)

I'm going to string out the show and tell (sorry) because next week may be a 
drought... that's how it goes, isn't it? So, this is explosion 1... a finished bag.

With boxed corners... of course :)

It seals with a magnetic clasp and has a sizeable pocket for keys etc.

Because of the panel size it turned out quite long, so I made the adjustable strap 
quite long too to keep it all in proportion. I'm thinking it could be a yoga bag. 

My daughter was kind enough to model it as a yoga bag for me. 

I'm liking it even though it is a funny size. Anyway, it's in the shop :)


  1. i love it, Kylie, funny size n all. In fact maybe because of it!

  2. Great bag! It would happily serve many purpose, yoga included! Love that pattern! :)

  3. Such a cool bag! I love it's atomic design and rectangular shape.

  4. Looks fabulous Kylie! Yay for creative explosions.xx

  5. You really do neon better than anyone else! Love this bag.

  6. Oh, yes, it's perfect for a yoga bag! It looks great. (I haven't had a creative explosion like that in a couple years, boo!)

  7. Last week was a creative explosion week for me too! It was crazy and great all at once. There's something in the air Miss Kylie! BTW, hope you're not in the path of the storms up there.xh