Friday, January 11, 2013

Creative Space: T-shirts

Running late this week (well, this life really!)... If you've been following my instagram 
you'd know that I've been busy with making t-shirts. Only two are fully completed so far
but there are many more partly constructed so they will mostly be going into my shop.
(I'll let you know when)

I've cut my own pattern and designed them to fit loosely with a raglan sleeve. Each
has a crocheted cotton circle on the front too. This red one is destined for the shop.

The striped jersey is fabric I bought in New York about 10 years ago now and it's 
incredibly fine - I lined the front panel with red cotton jersey for modesty but have
left the back as is so it'll be deliciously cool in summer :)

Modelled by me so you can see how loose and comfortable it is :)

The other t-shirt I've made this week I think I'll be keeping but can make some 
more if you'd like one...?

It's a light grey cotton jersey with ivory trimmings on the sleeves and at the bottom. 
The neckline has a nude cotton tulle trimming and the crocheted cotton circle is in 
a pale peach/nude too. (The pic below is the best representation of it's colour.)
Loving these colours together :)

Shown on and photo-bombed by the little one with our cat :)

I guess we're all aware how hot it's been... Funny how the weather can send me 
running to our one air-conditioned room and dictate what kind of craft is done :) 
What have you been up to? Has it been dictated by the weather? 
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  1. I love both tees Kylie. Great shape.

  2. I like that tees! If I had to choose, I would choose the second one.

  3. They look fab Kylie! Perfect for summer :)

  4. Beautifully draping fabrics Kylie. I love the red striped one personally. It is far too hot here, with no aircon, for any woolly or fabric crafts unless they are crafted before nine am...and I have been having a few sleep ins and early swims to cool my sweat beaded brow!

  5. they are so rad!!! i love the stripes and their soft, drapy fit...the addition of your crocheted circle is brill lades. nice to hear you're digging into the backlog of materials from what i'm sure is an incredible arsenal to choose from.

    um, i think kitteh (in the background of the last pic) is fighting to get one of those circles to chew on ;) kudos to you! happy new year wishes Kylie, i hope it continues to fill with cheers + charms! xo ♥

  6. cute tshirts kylie! the red one is a good color for you!!