Monday, April 15, 2013

Blue Monday

I've been working on some new designs... and, strangely, they've all been 
inspired by colour. I'm so in love with this electric blue at the moment.

This simple Harlequin block printed pattern came first...

... then this one, another block print, which I'm calling Seismograph 
(for obvious reasons)...

... and lastly, a screen print and block print combination which was totally unplanned 
and just evolved as I cut out the screen. Not sure what to call this, so at the moment 
it has the highly unimaginative name of Leaves and Thorns ;)

They've all been printed onto white linen tea towels and I'll probably be listing them 
in my Etsy shop soon. If you have a better name for this last one I'd love to hear it. 
Hope it's a good week for everyone :)


  1. Loving the blue on the white linen Kylie!x

  2. Beautiful print designs, Kylie, especialy the Harlequin block.

  3. So beautiful, indigo tea leaves for the last one?

  4. How about 'Bramble Bush' for the last design?

  5. OOH I'm loving you adventures in blue. Especially with the "'leaves and thorn" and the harlequiny one! xo

  6. I especially love the Harlequin, and the slightly fade-y look is perfect!

  7. Your designs are all beautiful. Leaves and thorns (thorny leaves?) is my favourite. I love the blue.