Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gothenburg Pop-Ups :)

One of things that made the ACE Camp so special was the extra little trips around the 
city that Camilla took us on. It added so much to the experience. There were events
that I would never have seen as a regular tourist; it really felt like we had a special
tour of the city with local insights.

One of these outings was to a pop-up exhibition in the Botanic Gardens, where Camilla 
was an exhibitor... see if you can pick her artwork :) 

Did you pick it? No? Maybe if I share this photo from Camilla's studio you might have a
better clue..? ;)

Such a lovely afternoon walking around the park :) 
Tomorrow, I will post about the ACE Camp!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing again Kylie! Love to see the photos. Haha the blond wig:)

    1. The wig is fabulous, isn't it? Thanks Andrée :) Kx

  2. Replies
    1. Fabulous, isn't it? The bow was made of concrete and Camilla left it in the gardens after the exhibition finished :) Kx

  3. Such fun! Poor Alice appears to have gotten stuck partway down the rabbit hole. :)