Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Wall Hangings

There are now new wallhangings from the crafty collaboration between myself and Pippa 
from Ouchflower. The Paravent panels are screenprinted on natural linen, some with 
appliqué panels, and the Ouchflower macramé fringing has been hand dyed. As a special
package, you can also purchase one of Pippa's gorgeous tassels :)


You can find them listed in Pippa's etsy store @ Ouchflower.


  1. They are all my favorite!
    The result of your joint talents is a feast for the eyes:)

  2. It's a great collaboration. The two elements complement each other so well!

  3. Our chartreuse baby has sold! ..she's off to Norway!
    How exciting is that!
    Yay us! xxxxx

  4. Wow! This wall hanging is really gorgeous. I really love it. It would surely transform any boring wall into something great. Thanks a lot for sharing this one.