Sunday, September 8, 2013

Playing with Stitchery

It's been another busy week and I missed playing along with the Made by Hand meme.
Here's a little taster of what I have in the making...

Sad times here in Australia with a political return to conservatism. As a good friend of mine 
so eloquently put it on fb: "It's going to be a tough next 3 years, at least for those of us 
fortunate enough to work in the arts, conservation, not for profit, aged care, education, 
community and government and small business/self employed, refugee & asylum support, 
legal aid and compassionate care sectors people! All we can do is continue to pull together 
and work smarter and in a unified and respectful manner!"

Hope you're having a lovely weekend in other parts of the world :)


  1. AAAH! iI feel your pain. We have had a conservative govt here now for 3 years. Hopefully by this time next year things may have changed, but somehow I doubt it. Education in the U.K has been destroyed in those 3 years, oh I could rant for ever about it and every thing else that has been dismantled. So I won't. Your friend's words are wise.
    However I love what you are stitching up here, whats it going to be?

    1. Thank you Jane :) I know you understand. Someone told me the other day that there are 3000 children in London without a school place to go to... I was just speechless! I'm told it's better outside the M25 but not everyone has the ability to up-sticks and move to the home counties, do they? Thanks also for your lovely words about the stitchery - it's an arts piece on canvas paper.


      p.s. Did you see Billy Bragg is playing at the Hammersmith Apollo next 1st May? Wish I could go :)

  2. Oh Kylie, I know! What a heartbreak. It makes me feel like I'll have to stay in the US for the next three years with Abbott in power. What a deep, sad and distressing shame. On the upside, that neon stitching has me dying to break out the thread!

    1. Hi Kate! You are so lucky to not be here!
      Thanks for your neon stitchery support :) Kx

  3. Oh, wow, whatever the project is is looking lovely. Can't wait to see more of it!

  4. we've been through it kylie, still going through it. the cuts have irrevocably damaged the arts, education, everything you mentioned in your post. that man is hideous, i feel for you. hopefully we'll kick ours out in the next couple of years :-)

    love your stitchery. so nice to play. x

    1. Thanks Fran - It's good to know people outside Aus understand :)
      Glad you like the stitchery too! Kx