Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mad about Patterns

I've been going a bit pattern crazy here... and have listed another original pattern in my Etsy shop
This latest pattern is for my Zpagetti Shopping Bag.

I've been making plans... Working out what I want to do; what direction I see Paravent taking 
in the future. As much as I love crocheting and making things with yarn, I've decided these 
things take up more time than I have... hence the patterns for peeps to make their own :)

Hope you like it.


  1. I can totally understand that! I haven't made a new embroidery in ages, because I just don't have the time (and sometimes lack the motivation as well), but patterns seem to be a good alternative when it comes to stocking items in the shop. Love the bag!

  2. Kylie, I haven't been around forever but am gobsmacked by your progress! Beautiful, stunning, stylish stuff. Will msg you on FB later to catch up some more.
    xx Jo.

    1. Thanks Jo! I've been pretty slack myself I'm sorry. Lovely to see you here :) Kx