Sunday, July 13, 2014


Well, the winter holidays are over again for another year. I always look forward to this 
break... it gets cold at just the right kind of nice hereabouts. It's the best time of year to go 
to the beach (in my very biased opinion) and we try to escape up to the mountains too for 
bush walks and evenings in front of the fire :)

I managed to slip in some painting time and crochet time, just experimenting with different 

And I found some beautiful Australia native flora to sketch some day... hopefully soon :)

We had some beautiful crystal clear days up at the mountains too... soaking in this amazing 
view again.

Hope you've had a good break too? 
Back to work time now... I have some new pieces I'll be listing soon so stayed tuned :)


  1. lovely crochet and water colours! I wish we had the same kind of winter here ;)

    1. Thanks Alessandra :) We pay with our meltingly hot summers I'm afraid ;)
      Hope you're enjoying your nice summer? Kx

  2. Still waiting for summer holiday here! Amazing view and colors!:::Silvia

  3. Wow, gorgeous! Such great views, great textures! The painting is my favorite (but I'm biased). :) We're in the middle of summer here, with about a month left before school starts, and I'm trying to savor it!

  4. what a gorgeous view!!
    hope soon to see your flora sketch cause the fruits and leaves look amazing

  5. A holiday filled with blue! I'm a big fan of Winter too. Looks like you had an amazing relaxing time.

  6. Hey Kylie, Imagine being down here in Canberra with -4 degrees in the morning (we do get some lovely clear skies though)!! Lovely work - that blue crochet work looks beautiful. You are such a creative powerhouse. xxx.

    1. Thanks Jo :) I really cannot imagine being that cold! The freshness of winter is divine though, isn't it? Thanks for popping by :) Kx