Thursday, November 6, 2014

Funky Retro Groover

It must be summer bringing out the funky retro groover in me... hot hazy days, hoping to 
catch some breeze through the breeze blocks, those fabulous 1970s architectural standard 
you see so often here in the Southern sub-tropics :) Well, that's my inspiration... and this is 
the new pattern I've designed, block printed and made into cushions.

There's the original Breeze Block design with a repeat pattern of 10cms, and then the 
Breeze Block (Mini) with a repeat of 5cms. Pouches and other fresh fun things coming soon.

So right now and so available in my Etsy store :)


  1. these are so so beautiful Kylie

  2. It's the wrong season for me here (autumn), but I love them all the same. I like the occasional bits of extra color--just enough, not too much--and the possibility of different sizes in the prints. Well done!