Monday, July 23, 2012

For the masses

A big thank you to everyone for being so lovely about my last post. How amazing 
to have so much fabulous advice from friends... I feel very spoilt. Thank you :)

Something about public art now... which isn't too far a jump if you think about it.
I love how visual enrichment used to come as standard with buildings of old; the giving
of something so much more than the functional. The ceramic reliefs below were created 
by sculptor P.Lindsay Clark in 1926. Perhaps they began as iconic signposts, these 
fabulous sculptures on the Widegate Street building for the Nordheim Model Bakery 
in Spitalfields, East London. These days they provide not only a historical reference for
the area, but, in my opinion, a formative take on the notion of branding and logos... in a 
much more evocative and impressive way.

Whenever I come across pieces like this it's like a gift I think :)

I first came across these lovelies via this blog, but read up on them here.
Photographs by Robert Freidus.


  1. nice blog xx :))

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  2. Hey Kylie, nearly missed your last post. On one of my favourite topics too - the undervalued at home mum!!! I left you my words of wisdom ;)

  3. Interesting figures- Thank you for sharing:)