Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mailbox Magic

I've just had some mailbox magic happen here this morning... 
Tomoko Nakamichi's new Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics book has arrived!

Even better, it's in English :)

I'm still buried in other projects here but I'm sooooo looking forward 
to doing some sewing soon. These fab books are pretty popular 
these days so I'm sure you can buy them all over the place. 
I found mine here.


  1. I bought myself all three of these books for myself for my birthday... they're SO fabulous aren't they?

  2. You find such cool stuff Kylie!!x

  3. They are great books hey! I would always go and drool over the pictures in the japanese section of the book shop... so good some are in english now :)

  4. this one was on my wish list, i was going to tell me that i didn't need it- but now i've been reminded again... good to see you are in the swing of things again kylie. x