Thursday, May 17, 2012

Creative Space: New blanket

If this blanket looks vaguely familiar to you that's probably because 
you're a Purl Soho fan and saw this gorgeous baby blanket in their 
newsletter a couple of weeks ago. I decided to have a go reinterpreting 
their knitting pattern into crochet.... and this is the result.

I crocheted it as one piece, crocheting in the ends as I changed colours, 
so there's a mottly peek of dischordant colour every so often which I quite
like... it breaks up the starkness of it somehow.

It was intended to be a baby blanket but I'm not so sure now. The greys 
turned out a lot darker and sombre-looking than I thought they would. I'm 
not very good at doing things for boys... I always seem to hit the wrong 
note I think.

I have showed it to a friend (a mother of boys) and she said her boys are 
still using their baby blankets when they watch tv and they'd much prefer 
these manly tones to what they have... so that was comforting ;)

I am working on something else to go with the blanket which I hope will 
be more 'baby'. It's not finished yet, but if you're curious I'm guessing I'll 
be posting it in a couple of days.

Hope you've had a wonderfully creative week? If you'd like to join in or 
see more spaces, Kirsty's My Creative Space meme can now be found here.


  1. I think you've hit the right note with this -
    I especially love how it looks a bit like a keyboard!
    (I used to play piano many years ago)xx

  2. I like it and yur friend is right :)
    and it reminds me of a keyboard/piano too
    which would fun later in the boys life too

    remember its the thought that counts when giving gifts and a lot of thought and time has put into this

  3. Love those colours you have put together. Beautiful!

  4. I love the colours too. It looks fabulous.

  5. I really love the colours in this! I think that it is sometimes nice to have some striking baby items. The mum can them team them up with some more tradition baby colours which would help balance them out. I can so see a baby snuggled under this blanket in a pram, or tucked in bed. It is lovely!

  6. Just wonderful for boys! Reminds me of piano keys...

  7. Loved the visual/pun...note? Take heart - apparently newborns don't see colour and vision doesn't full develop for 6 months or so. Babies really respond to colour contrasts - so perhaps its 100% perfect for a newborn (but I understand your concern - that its not all soft and traditional).

  8. thats a beauty! well done. Love the colours.

  9. I absolutely adore your blanket ( and quite honestly prefer your version._
    and I agree with your friend about the tones, alot of the "baby" tones are just awful.

  10. i love it kylie. love the colours. who says it all had to be pastels all the time. and it would be perfect for one of those finnish bloggers, who have all black and white houses and dress their kids like that too ;-)
    blog's looking good. prob quite nice to have a clear out and start again. we should all approach our blogs like that sometimes. x

  11. well i think it's adorable and you know it reminds me of piano keys! i think it makes a lovely baby blanket x

  12. It looks like a keyboard! But I do love the strong design and colours - not sombre at all!

  13. You just have to have the right parent/decorating mix and someone will love that for a baby. Soften it up with a sweet little (matching) baby toy or something and it'll be perfect. :)

  14. i think the pattern is really pretty, i love the stripes and blocks! very graphic!
    i do think it could have used a bright green or blue to go with the greys instead of the yellow, maybe... :) but i would prefer this over baby-blue and pink blankets ANYTIME!

  15. Kylie - I'm really loving this new space, although forced to change 3 sheets, we will follow you wherever you may go...
    Some people are so pathetic. I'm glad you chose to look at the positive side and went with what the universe was handing you.
    Love your work! xx

  16. I have two boys and I would have loved that as a baby gift. It's beautiful. You can really only take so many pastels! One of the reasons I never knit with the yarns sold as "baby" yarns is because they're usually so blah in the color department.

  17. Love the color combination, and yes, it is very graphic but that is something I like to look at. Some toys and the baby on it and it will look divine!

  18. The pattern and the color combination is super Kyile! So is this new place of yours :)

  19. Fantastic Kylie! Just so stylish!
    Alisa x