Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ink Giveaway

My printer died the other week and I had to get a new one... 
Unfortunately, I couldn't get one which uses the same ink cartridges 
(of which I have many!) It infuriates me that they do this... but there you have it, 
I had no choice. But my loss could be your gain... I hope :)

If anyone can use these cartridges I'm happy to post them to you.
They are all Canon Pixma Series... two size 5 PGBK (black), 
two size 8 BK (black), two size 8 C (cyan), two size 8 Y (yellow), 
two size 8 M (magenta), one size 8 PC (photo cyan) and 
one size 8 PM (photo magenta).

I'm so hoping someone can use them! 

UPDATE: the ink has a happy home now - thanks Katherine! :)


  1. Oh bummer... I have a canon MP560 and those inks are not compatible :(

    Hope they find a good home :)

  2. Ugh. I feel the pain. Does it help any if I tell you that it costs at least $180 for a set of printer toner? There are THREE different shades of black! (why didn't they just call them grey, I wonder?)...