Thursday, May 31, 2012

Creative Space: Isometric Blanket in progress

This blanket has a story... 

I was so excited a couple of weeks ago. I came across these paper 
products, xyz notes, and for the first time saw how this pattern was 
so simple... three diamond shapes in white, grey and black and they 
give the impression of a 3D box! Of course I immediately saw it as 
a crochet project and more specifically a blanket. 

Can I also admit here that I was more than just a bit excited about 
creating something new? So now for part 2... I contemplated calling 
this post 'If it has a name then it's been done before' but well, you 
know, as prophetic as it might be it is a tad wordy ;) So, why is it 
prophetic? Well yes, you guessed it... it's been done before! A third of 
the way through the blanket I came across this image on Pinterest... 

Luckily it was attributed - the fabulous work of Jellina in The 
Netherlands and you can see her post about it here. It looks as if 
the diamonds are smaller on hers and she must have hand sewn 
her diamonds together (rather than crocheted them as I did) 
because the joins look much neater with sharper points.

Isometric blanket with my tea mug, to give a sense of size
Anyway, that's my story. As I said, it's only a third of the way done but 
I'm going to keep going. I really like this blanket and I want to do another 
one too... I'm thinking natural, coral and charcoal for next time.

Ravelled here... I've finally got to updating my Ravelry account which is now 
called Paravent Design. Slowly getting rid of all the 3 Sheets! ;)

Did you have a creative drama this week? Have you made something 
and then found it's all been done before?
Thanks to Kirsty for the Creative Spaces meme... you can see more here.


  1. I love this design and the colours you're using look great.

    Must be rather time consuming to make but it's going to look amazing when it's finished.
    I love the comment 'if it has a name it's been done before' true, like most things...

    Claire :}

  2. Very very nice - and so clever of you to make up your own pattern. :)

  3. Utterly, UTTERLY gorgeous. I'm thinking a king size blanket - for maximum effect.


  4. ..Oh... My... Gosh... !!!!!!!!!! I love it, I adore it & I think you are super-duper ace!!!!!!!!!

  5. OH MY GOD you're a freak!! In the best most possibly amazing way xo

  6. THis is fantastic! You are the cleverest of crochet chickadees! Well done!

  7. SO amazing Kylie!!
    I love it - the grey seems like it has different
    shades to it, making it even more 3d!X

  8. So clever! I love this pattern, the tumbling blocks, its one of my favourites :-)

  9. Adore anything geometric/isometric - this looks fantastic, and of course Kylie "it's been done before" it's ALWAYS been done before. But, you found your inspiration and went with it - you're so motivated and this is your version, so... feel good about it because this sort of thing take loads of talent and patience.

  10. Isometric, planometric they are some of my favourite words! The new colour combo sounds divine, keep it coming!
    psst yours is nicer :)

  11. I can't believe I am missing your posts again...I think I am going to have to unsubscribe and subscribe again...

    As for your genius isometric blanket...absolutely love it. And natural, coral and charcoal sounds awesome!

  12. Wow!! What a great pattern for a blanket! So clever!

  13. Kylie, your work is impressive! I like the work of Jellina too. It is nice how you describe the development to your own design and work.

  14. That is seriously very cool. Love the illusion it creates!
    The monochromatic effect is awesome too.
    Ronnie xo

  15. Well, great minds and all.... It's very cool.

  16. Great minds indeed, but how frustrating! You still 'invented' it, as did she possibly. And someone else probably did before that too! Crafty minds!

    It looks wonderful. :)

  17. How funny!! Sometimes that happens hey.. but it is always interesting to see others work and see if they have any tips!

    I love looks very cool! I want to give it a go :)

  18. Love it Kylie! So simple, but so affective. You clever girl.

  19. That is gorgeous! I was even more impressed when I read that it was crocheted!

  20. Amazingly good Kyile! When are you going to have an exhibition?