Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rainy weekend

... oh it was so lovely! Driving up the mountains and going through the rainforest 
was just beautiful.

Do you remember previous posts of this view? This time we were living in a cloud :)

There was a lot of crocheting by the fire... 

I've started on a new design (even though the last one isn't finished!) 
Yes, I've gone diamond-crazy these days and the latest design is a classic 
harlequin pattern...

Love the rain :) Hope you had a lovely long weekend too!


  1. Love it Kylie, I'm still on granny squares, you über crocheter you!

  2. Isn't it just the best - when the only thing you could do with your day, is hunker down and crochet while the weather does its thing?! (Now I'm loving the Harlequin Phase - but no sign of the kingsize blanket?).

  3. I'm loving the diamond at the moment! What a relaxing space to get cosy and crafting.

  4. fabulous Kylie! I'm not so enamoured with the rain at the mo...keeping summer at bay rather too long for my liking ;-(

  5. Looks beautiful Kylie even when cloudy. Actually, this is my husband's favorite weather. I wouldn't crochet, but I would happily read by a fireplace when the grey clouds cover the windows! Your work is looking fabulous. I can't believe you have done all this by hand! Awesome!

  6. Man I love your crochet! It always looks so neat!!!!

  7. Crochet by the fire ... that sounds really snuggly. Love the new patterns you're working on!

  8. Impeccable crochet! here is supposed to be summer but boy! what a dreadful weather, perfect for finishing all my unfinished stuff though! Enjoy the cosy days of autumn.