Thursday, June 14, 2012

Inspiration: Guy de Cointet

I've been thinking a lot about patterning lately and continue to be fascinated 
by abstract forms. So, no surprises that the work of Frenchman, Guy de Cointet
has piqued my interest and had me turning my head from side to side in an 
effort to decipher his amazing work.

Recognised as one of the leading figures of Conceptual Art, De Cointet is said to 
compose his pieces as visual codes, which I think you can see in the pieces below.

To me, there's a sense of communication just beyond my comprehension in his 
works, like some elusive word game, so I wasn't surprised to read that Surrealist 
novelist Raymond Roussel is one of De Cointet's formative influences.

Anyway, it's their abstract patterning that really interests me. Does this make your 
eyes *pop* too and have you noticed how often it is the simple abstract forms that 
really pack a punch? 

And while I'm at it I just want to show you a hand-printed piece that I keep above my 
desk... I love it so much. Steffen from 3 Girls and a Goat created it as wrapping paper 
for her products. Isn't it wonderful? Also, you can just see one of Elisabeth's fabulous
abstract cutting boards. And even though he's not abstract I do love darling little
Arthur there too, created by Jess :)


  1. Very cool abstracts... it does make you twist your head hey! I'm off to investigate more of his work... I do rather like it a lot :)

  2. Really strong work you are right. So musical as well. You have a lovely corner there. All there beauties together!

  3. I've just spent 5 mins trying to decipher the inner message in the 3rd and 4th pictures. Nearly there...

  4. They are gorgeous works Kylie. Thanks for writing about Guy. x K

  5. I was not aware of De Cointet's work- thanks for introducing me. The wrapping paper is lovely, I can see why you kept it.

  6. How clever! My brain is also attempting to grasp at textual fragments in the third and fourth images and trying to make sense out of them. Trying but not succeeding! :)

  7. Dear Kylie, isn't it amazing that once we focus on something, it seems to be everywhere? I love your geometric abstractions. They are vibrant, dynamic and fun!

  8. i love your piece and all your little bits n bobs ;-) Thanks for introducing de cointet's work. I know what you mean about almost being able to see the messages. I love the red piece at the top...could almost be a quilt ;-)

  9. Get what your saying Kylie - these works bring art and maths into a unified language - intriguing!
    PS thanks for the comments on trophywife - they made my night! Off to wash my hair now.....
    Have a great weekend X.

  10. this is amazing work! thank you for introducing Kylie.
    and love your cosy corner :)

  11. I love this it is right up my street and I can't believe I haven't heard of him before. Thank you so much for introducing him to me. I have been following your blog for a couple of years now I always love your posts. I have just come back from visiting my folks in Australia and catching up on all the blogs I read. I was sad and shocked to hear the news of Esty making you change your name. You seem to have dealt it with very well and I love the new name, sometimes these things just make us stronger and you are still the same person making the same great work :)