Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gadget Girl :)

Okay, I know I said no more purchases, and truth be told, I did actually buy 
this a couple of months ago. It was originally intended for the xmas parcel of my 
Big Girl (*shh* don't tell!) however... I have recently got excited about Instagram... 
yes, it gets us all in the end! ;) So, first thing: I have an Instagram account now... 
Find me here.

Second thing, the gadget... Have you seen one of these before? It's probably 
going to be wildly impractical and purely fad-ish but I'm having fun :)

HOLGA Special Lens + Filter Turret
You clip it on to the back of your phone and there's a nifty little wheel at the 
back which you turn to have the different filters in front of your camera eye.

There are dual, triple or quadruple image lens to choose from... umm, not sure 
when these would come in handy, but fun yes?

And there's a host of colour filters... a blue filter with a clear hole...

a red filter to reduce absorption of blue + green lights and a green filter to 
enhance greens in photographing plants etc...

a 60mm Macro Lens for close-ups (now, this will be handy!)...

and pure novelty value with this red filter that has a heart-shaped clear centre... 
I think the light levels may have affected this because it's not looking quite as 
distinct as I'd wish but so cute!

I imagine you can find these in loads of places, but I found mine here.
Let me know if you have an Instagram account in the comments :) 

UPDATE: I forgot to say...! Please feel free to share any tips you might
have about how it all works - I sooooo need them ;) Thanks!


  1. OH YAY!! i've been waiting for this!!I'm squidgyandwonky there, if you want to follow me , but no pressure xo

  2. Super fun!!!!Haven't got there yet. Will catch up soon:)

  3. I do, I'm following you now and thanks for featuring the plate I lust over!

  4. hoo... I don't have instagram :( I have to wait 6 months until the contract on my phone ends... and then I can join the fun world... woo hoo! Love that gadget :)

  5. Loving the Terence Conran plate, I have a few pieces of saladware, but that's an even groovier pattern! I'm on instagram 'mahanasally' but struggle with all the different ways of following/viewing or whatever! As for the gadget the macro would be handy, but I've got an android so doubt there's something similar! S:)

  6. i am waiting too for my phone contract to end... not much longer, so my other half doesn't get annoyed with me for sealing his phone all the time. we still have to get together for a coffee one day soon. x

  7. well 1st thing for me is the icons - your side bar looks great and i totally dig the instagram one a lot! i'm nuts about that app, like the whole world is and i know the joy surrounded by little mini photo edits on our phones. there's something really gratifying about swiping your finger across the screen and having the whole entire image change to a new, exciting look!

    i have seen those lens shifters around and love the results you got from using it...glad you kept it i bet! xo ♥

  8. You too huh!! : ) Fantastic, another super clever person to follow!

  9. Well that looks like fun! I got into Instagram for a while but fizzled out. I'm just not spending so much time on the "networking" lately. :-/ Have fun!

  10. :-) good luck! I'm totally useless on this...;-)