Thursday, July 12, 2012

Creative Space: Toe tapping + Tote making

I've had these panels screenprinted, cut out and embroidered for ages... 
It took a friend's birthday and me with no gift for them to be jettisoned to the 
top of the 'to do' list. One finished tote...

Strangely, this was completed pretty much without a hitch... Everything else 
I've put my hand to this week has been a dismal failure. I'm feeling better now 
but I think it was the cold I had that impaired my judgement. 

Background artwork is a print by Karl de Waal "The Step Ladder of Incompetence" ;)

The blanket is once again in bits waiting for me to construct yet again... 
and some screenprinting of tea towels I foolishly attempted are destined to be 
cut up and hopefully reused at some point in the future. 

Talk about flooding the screen! The photos really don't show how blobby 
they are... Hopefully, I'll have some sharper prints in the shop by next week.

So, it was a win some / lose some kind of week here. 
Hope it's been a more productive one for you?
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  1. It all looks effortless from here but I know those frustrations very well! Good on you for powering on, you creative you! ;)

  2. Creating is V frustrating sometimes for sure!!
    I am loving the black and white stripes against the colour - so gorgeous!X
    (and the quilted bottom is brilliant!)

  3. I love the screenprinting idea, the bag is gorgeous

  4. SNAP!!! I made a tote too :)

    And...I had a bit of a disaster week screen printing too... I know I shouldn't have gone near it as I had a migraine and wasn't thinking straight! I could kick myself... grrrr... anyway like you, my tote bag turned out perfect :)

    Love your tote.. the colours with the stipe look excellent! Lucky friend!

  5. Wow - that tote is amazing -all that embroidery as well, your lucky friend.
    I'm having the kind of week where everything I touch turns to mud (as opposed to gold) - think my heart is just not in it. And of course the cold is so off putting (come down to Canberra Kylie my dear and I will show you what cold really is...;) )

  6. Yep it's been one of those weeks with me too Kylie. Something have worked , somethings not.
    the tote is lovely xo

  7. The tote is gorgeous! Cant wait to see your blanket finished too!!!

  8. Love the tote, but not as much as I love the concept of the Step ladder of incompetence. Think there must be some thing in the air, every thing I have done over the last couple of days has also been some what disaster prone.

  9. ha! you sound just like gift, better make one quickly!! The printing doesn't look bad from where I'm sitting, altho it does worry me every time I think of printing in more than one colour...the first layer may go on great, but who knows whether the second will!

  10. The toe bag is fantastic- love the yellow contrasting the black and white!

  11. Beautiful, and perfectly executed tote Kylie! And I love the second set of photos on the print. Awesome idea!

  12. That sounds like every creative attempt for me--win some, lose some. The bag turned out fantastic.

  13. it's always win some/lose some. but always good to experiment. great tote! you're so clever. x

  14. How frustrating! At least the tote is a big win! Especially loving the contrast with the stripes. I have just finished my first sock and it is a bit uglier than I had hoped, but it is a sock none the less and all part of the learning.

    I shall be casting on for a certain hot water bottle cozy once I get some more dpn's. The book and the wool arrived on the same day. :)

  15. I love the screenprinted panel, especially the embroidery that makes the tote very special. I hope that your friend appreciated it!

  16. Your tote bag is truly fantastic. I love the bold colours.