Monday, August 6, 2012

A first for me :)

I am so excited... I have finally finished making my first item of crocheted clothing!

Yah! Okay, so loads of talented peeps do this every day and mine is the most basic of
basic patterns... it's just a square of bobble stitch, with a bit of track stitch for relief
but I'm so happy :) I have a vest thing to wear and it's still winter!

The family have already commented on its shortness... so if you too are wondering at 
this new midriff trend for me, fear not! it's meant to be a vest... and yes, I promise I will 
always wear it with a t-shirt or dress underneath! ;)

Thanks to Kate for unknowingly reminding me that this was sitting unfinished in a bag 
from last winter :) I've always wanted to crochet clothing but have seen it in my mind 
as this massive hurdle... Have you crocheted or knitted clothing? Was it a big
challenge in your mind too?

UPDATE: Oops! Just remembered I did crochet a skirt last year... Okay, so second 
piece of crochet clothing :)


  1. What? When?
    But I'll take it. IT IS GORGEOUS!!!
    I am super thrilled for you. It's such a great achievment and it is so incredibly cute. Win-win.

  2. Fab, fab!! I am in awe-I am not one of those 'peeps' that have any talent in this area, and I find it a brilliant thing to be able to do;)

  3. OH my god you're brilliant!! I love it!! You're just so clever!! xo

  4. Love it! It looks fab and I love the colour too! What pattern did you use? I haven't gone done the crochet clothing myself yet!!! :)

  5. Kylie - this must have taken ages!! That stitch takes a while(is it the same as popcorn stitch?)!
    I love it!! I found a site ages ago with clothing made with this stitch, i can't remember what it was called tho!
    You are so clever!!!!XJ

  6. I think it looks fab! And yay for you for making clothing for yourself (I've yet to achieve anything this big yet!)

  7. You ARE good in what you do, Kylie!!! You have the opposite and like to make clothes, I just don't like to. But again, what you create looks beautiful!

  8. Dear Kylie,
    I love it and Sandra Buckland comes to mind.... Maybe you are on to something here. I think it would look fabulous is a bright colour too! Best wishes!

  9. Cute! Well done! I dont think I'm quite ready to make a clothing item yet!