Thursday, August 2, 2012

Creative Space: New things

It feels like a million new things have happened this week...

On the weekend I finished putting together a new book bag prototype, made 
from last week's new fabric. So I was thinking about book bags + printing up some 
new lining and I started experimenting with the background block to another design 
of mine from last year. I changed it a bit (two dots) and I printed by lining up the pattern...

I rather like it. In fact, I don't think I'll be using it as a lining... I think it needs more
work; another layer perhaps - but not like the old pattern, something softer. I may
have tickets on myself* here but it looks a bit Mina Perhonen to me! :)

A funny thing my eyes kept falling on while I was printing... a part of an ad on the 
newspaper I was using as table protection... "A well fitted suit is a dream of every 
man and a woman..." What? Only one woman?? ;)

Something else I put together this week... thank you cards to include with purchases from 
my Etsy store. I made use of the 'flooded' tea towel, cutting it up and sewing the panels
on card. By the way, I have two new tea towels in my Etsy store now :)

Hope you've had a fabulously creative week? You can see more spaces here.

UPDATE: You can also have a peek at all the Creative Spaces on Instagram now.

*to have tickets on yourself... Be conceited, have a high opinion of yourself—
‘He’s got tickets on himself if he thinks I’ll go out with him’. 


  1. I think it looks fab (love the colour) and definately not for lining... though saying that I do like a good lining fabric, make the item feel extra special! I don't think you have tickets on yourself at all... love Mina Perhonen's designs, they are gorgeous :)

  2. Fabulous work Kylie! The thank you cards are gorgeous, I can see them framed! I am off to check out your new tea-towels:)

  3. Love the new print.....gorgeous colour and the 'thank you' cards are a great idea. Nice personal touch...

    Claire :}

  4. Brilliant Kylie! Absolutely love the zingy colour, especially with black. Your cards look lush.
    I'm no fortune teller but I'd put money on a huuuge future for you and Paravent. x

  5. Love your fabric print - gorgeous colors too. And those little cards are a lovely idea, your customers will certainly enjoy opening their parcels.

  6. Doesn't your tea towel print look great made into cards, I like how each snippet is different.
    Oh and I love Mina Perhonen, and I think your print would look right at home in her collection :-)

  7. I love the continuity in your style, regardless of the medium you are working in. I agree with Alisa and think you should aim high Kylie! xx

  8. i love your little gift tags, Kylie...another genius idea ;-) The fabric is utterly beautiful and you have good reason to have tickets on yourself ;-)

  9. Fabulous print work Kylie, as always!:) The thank you cards are a good idea!

  10. Your fabrics are really lovely!

  11. Love the bright colour! And your cards look great. Peeps who purchase from you are so spoilt!

  12. Love that print, such a great colour. Great thank you cards too!

  13. Be. Still. My. Heart. I LOVE that neon work you are doing. Fantastic stuff Kylie and same for the cards. That print is retr0-fabulous.
    Its funny working on newspaper isn't it. I often notice an article that I've missed and get sidetracked on a reading binge instead of painting/crafting binge then my time is's sad!
    PS Luna Landing back on track :)

  14. i LOVE the new design and it's so bizarre that you are making cards with your scraps of fabric because i did the very same thing just last night! great minds do indeed think alike : )

  15. how awesome Kylie! i'm always nuts about your graphic elements and color choices but a book that's a fine idea! the cards you made are quite special too, very thoughtful fine touches - you thought of everything :) ♥

  16. Those cards are so adorable! I love the fabric and design.

  17. aargh - only just seen this post!!
    The print looks brilliant - and so do your cards,
    what a great idea!x

    (and what on earth did they mean in that article!?
    surely a typo!lol)

  18. LOVE those cards! It's a great way to use the scraps and the duds and send along a little something extra for your customers. Great idea!