Thursday, August 23, 2012

Creative Space: Group work + photo apps

More craziness this week I'm afraid... as hinted in my crazy neon space last week, 
I've been doing a bit of work with colour groupings in block printing and crochet...

These three panels are soon-to-be-cushions and I've used all the same colours to 
make them, fantasizing in my mind about how they will look all together :)

The colours are natural, grey and neon yellow. It's been quite difficult to capture the 
correct colours actually... for instance, the neon looks right but the natural looks far 
darker than it really is.

And this leads me to my other recent obsession... photo apps! 

This crazy one below is the aptly named ShockMyPic, discovered via Instagram 
when someone there posted some pics (sorry I can't remember who it was now!). 
Isn't it fabulous and creepy all at the same time?

I've also been playing with another photo app called Super Retro. The photos below 
are before and after... It has some really cute features, including the sticky tape at the 
top there... and my big girl did get to see how cute her hair would look dyed red ;)

I've also been playing with the idea of embroidering some detail on the fabric printed 
cushion panel... This is the super macro function from my Holga lens filter attachment
on my phone...

... and happy postal goodness! Some neon yellow embroidery floss arrived 
that I'll be experimenting with too.

It's all too much, isn't it? 
Hope you've made it this far through all the photo app madness! 
How has your creative week been? 
You can see more spaces courtesy of Kirsty, right here.


  1. WOW so much good amazing stuff going on here! I'm loving the groupings. THat round cushion look so startling, and again I'm blown away by the cubes ( isn't a bugger with getting the right colours in photos, urgh sometimes cameras drive me nuts!!)
    I'm also loving the tiny embroidery on the printed cushion as well.

  2. love love the optical illusion of that trianged crochet sample.

  3. I can imaging it would be really hard to capture the true beauty of the neon and the greys! I'm sure it looks amazing in realy life! Love those photo apps :)

  4. You are certainly having lots of fun girlie!!I can picture you trying all these thigns out with a smile on your face;)XX

  5. Love the grey and neon cubes AND
    the black embroidery Kylie!!xx

  6. That really is a lot of neon! But it's really working for you. You really do some amazing work. x

  7. You entertain yourself just fine, I see :) I love your creations, the neon looks really nice. I do not know anything about photo apps, but I see that you like to play with them!

  8. I love your colour combination and the patterns as well! It's all wonderful!

  9. WOW i love your cushions-to-be, they will look perfect together. :)

  10. Fantastic Kylie. I just received my new runners today that have laces in that wonderful yellow/green neon vibrancy. Are you still ordering yarn from that weird website? Embroidering some detail works well - and I love that super retro photo! Must get onto it, I play with my images a lot with instagram through the iPhone but I don't take time to transfer them or blog them. I should.

  11. Hi Kylie..I've just come back to blog after an enforced computer drought after it broke down in November. I was surprised to find you'd moved and have just become a follower of your new site. Beautiful work, I love the surprise element you always add to your designs.

  12. Hi Kylie,
    I want to press the LIKE button here... I really love this new direction in your creative work. Brava!

  13. Always so much creativity going on here. Looks exciting and great Kyile. Good captures as well!

  14. I love seeing all the neon grouped together. Looks like you're having fun!

  15. hola buenas tardes me gustarias k me pusieran el grafico de la colcha de ronvo verde y gris muchas gracas