Sunday, August 19, 2012

Umbrella Canopy

Sharing a lovely find that made me smile... have you seen this one around the 
blogisphere? These photos were taken by photographer Patrícia Almeida in 
the Portuguese town of Agueda at their local art festival. Patrícia Almeida's 
Flickr page shows more and you can read more about it here if you wish.

I've been out and about most of today, catching up with old friends in a park.
It feels like way too long since we've done something like this. Life gets so 
bogged down into school/work routine, doesn't it? 
Hope you had a lovely weekend :)


  1. So beautiful an effect for a simple idea! Thanks for sharing! X

  2. Just beautiful Kylie, thanks for visiting and your lovely encouragement, as always :-)

  3. How incredible is that?! Thanks for sharing Kylie. We are off to France for a couple of weeks escaping it all...will live on the memories of it all when back to drudgery of school/work routine ;-)

  4. I've seen this somewhere before, but only one shot of it!
    I love the shade they are making.X

    1. I agree Jennie! It'd make a fab screenprint pattern, wouldn't it? :)

  5. Hi Kylie, thanks for sharing this visual delight. At first I was super excited as thought it was in your neck of the woods!! We're planning a trip over the ditch for a week in October - I'm sure there will be plenty of things for us to discover. S:)

  6. OH this is just too wonderful! thanks for sharing Kylie xo

  7. So pretty!!!For some reason it reminds me of the Wizard of Oz,like it should have been some magical road taking you to a wizard. Thank you Kylie;)

  8. Such great images... they put a smile on my face too! I know what you mean I feel like I have been bogged down lately with screen printing work and life in general... not that I am complaining... but I do love getting out and about :)

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  9. Oh how neat!! I want to do that in my backyard!!

  10. Love the photos!! Wow, such pretty colors:)
    Hope you have a great time with your friends!

  11. I've seen similar, but I love the way these capture how very bright the sun is with the shadows and such a free, easy feeling to it all.