Thursday, October 18, 2012

Creative Space: MoF 3

Oops, that break was longer than I thought... It's been a tad busy around these 
parts. So much to do - it feels like end-of-year crazy has started already.
Part of the problem too is the clarity you have after returning from being away...
Suddenly, you notice all the things that need to be fixed that you were somehow
oblivious to before... has that happened to you? Well, it's spurred a new MoF 
for me - that's a 'Month of Finishing'. I think it was Alisa who first coined the phrase
and I had a couple of sessions last year on my old blog here and here.

So, MoF 3... (and there's quite a lot to clear from my work table)
(1) I have to make this crocheted isometric panel into a cushion...

(2) I have to join the pieces for this isometric panel together and 
make it into a cushion...

(3) I have to finish joining and stuffing a couple of pin cushions...

(4) There's a tote bag birthday present to be finished (this will probably 
be done first... love having a deadline!)

(5) And these panels are still sitting there waiting for me to make 
them into cushions too...

How is your work table looking? Do you have a pile of unfinished projects
that get pushed aside when a new idea comes along? I'd forgotten 
about so many of these... maybe a craft book is a good idea from now on. 
I've seen on some sites a fabulous gadget that documents progress
on multiple projects... How do you keep on top of all your 'makings'?

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  1. my work table is looking a darn sight messier than yours! I am falling over in love with that teal isometric cushion, Kylie and what a lucky friend...that tote looks beautiful x

  2. Still so in love with your work Kylie, looking forward to seeing those cushions finished!

  3. Wow! The crochet is very impressive. I eternally have a pile of UFPs or WIPs!

  4. aargh I'm the same as you, SO much to do.
    My list (just of makes, not cleaning the house) seems never ending at the moment.XX

  5. So I can look forward to a whole series of gorgeous cushion posts? I can't wait!

  6. AaHaa!! Yay Kylie, go the MOF! I have been doing that too but mostly on the home front, not nearly as much fun as on the creative front. So lovely to have you back Kylie. : )
    ps. Just wondering if Atomic Flowers and Black Linen are ever going to make friends again on your worktable. Ooh, saying that almost makes me blush. ; )

  7. Looking forward to all these gorgeous things being finished and made.
    I tend to have lots of little crocheted bodies done on public transport , waiting to become whatever they will become xo

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  9. Hah! I was just thinking today how I've been pushing old projects aside to get to the new ones and I have a whole plastic bin marked 'in progress' not to mention the ones queued up in my brain! Love all those projects lying on your work table, haven't you been creative. Its nice when you can see the fruits of your labours all together like that, sometimes it feels like nothing gets done, or at least it does round here.

  10. Oh dear you have just reminded me of all my poor ignored little unfinished projects that are sitting in my cupboard begging for attention! The best thing about unfinished projects is that you are already halfway through and you don't have to start from the begining, so it feel like if won't take as long to finish... does that make sense!? Hmmm... I must find some time to do a bit of MoF too! :)

  11. You go girl! I have masses of bits and pieces lying around here unfinished! No time! No time!!!

  12. I'm more of a "you can't do anything else until you finish this" person, which means I don't have a lot of unfinished things lying around, BUT, it also means I often don't have any forward motion either, if I don't feel like finishing something. It can be very stifling to have ideas but not allow myself to indulge them. So I guess either way you go, there are down sides. :) I like that you have such a clear-cut list of projects now. I'd imagine that would be a good thing at times!

  13. same here, making to do lists all the time and can't seem to finish much. slowly we will! love the colors from the pincushion! great combination!

  14. My list is forever growing. I have made a start on Christmas presents this week and really should sit and write a list.