Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Creative Space: a new neon

It started by chance... two balls of wool glimpsed next to each other and a smile 
from me... yes, they'd look fabulous together. More time passes as I contemplate 
just which pattern would work best... and finally a finished piece.

I keep wondering when I'll be at the end of my neon fascination but then I see that 
fine line of neon against the linen (pic above) and realise it's still as strong as ever.

New neon cushion is in the shop.

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  1. I LOVE your neon craze, Kylie! So refreshing - like summer in a pillow :)

  2. love the neon yellow and paired with the grey it;s perfect x

  3. These are fabulous Kylie! No one does neon like you do!

  4. i LOVE it when that happens! it's not too often but the odd time i see things hooking up in unexpected ways that work i get that smile too Kylie. your pairing is awesome!! i'm positively charged up whenever i see a neon injected somewhere. your pillow partnering is fantastic lades, great job!! ♥

  5. It really is a great collection you've got there. Keep going!