Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Empress' new clothes

Sorry I haven't been around for a while. It's the crazy season here... end of year 
madness with so many things going on. I've also had my big girl go off to China 
so there's been a bit of pointless fretting too. But then suddenly I had this idea... and 
I began measuring and cutting and sewing... and I made myself a dress and a top.

The idea was to have something cool to wear in the meltingly hot temperatures we've 
been having but, as always, it seems I can't get away from being the queen of black ;)
It's a silly vanity, but I sewed some paravent labels on them too.
So many things I should be doing instead...

Hope the beginning of your holiday season has been fun :)


  1. You are very clever to just draft up a pattern like that - and knit fabirc too! Very chic looking and comfortable which is always a huge bonus in my books.

  2. I wear a lot of black too. Actually I'm getting a bit tired of it..but on the other hand I don't want to wear a rainbow..it just isn't me. I did buy myself a blue top the other day 'cos it reminded me of the beach!

  3. very cool that you can just whip up such beautiful clothes!
    maybe sewing in a label is a premonition?

  4. Tell me about it - black!
    Wow - off to China - she'll have a brilliant time,
    so great to be able to have those opportunities!XXX

  5. Hello Kylie,
    Black is always good, it is a great colour to wear. Love your new outfit.
    Wow, your daughter off to China, good for her:)

  6. The fretting is understandable. But channeling that nervous energy in to sewing is more productive. Your new clothing looks very funky indeed. You can't go past black. xx

  7. Ha ha ha... I am totally a "queen of black" too! I try SO hard to wear other colours but always feel more comfortable in black (possibly stemming from my goth years when I was a young lass)even in the dead of summer! Madness hey! I really love your top and dress :)

  8. to be able to just whip up such a creative and spot on the fashion bulls-eye as these are is an amazing talent Kylie! sorry that there was some fretting involved to get there but the results are tremendous. it's a big deal when your child goes away, i wish her the best and i'm sure it'll be an experience of a lifetime too! ♥

  9. Cute! Sometimes you just have to stop and indulge, or you won't be able to focus on any of the other stuff anyway. I think labels are the perfect finish!

  10. you should wear more navy, like we do! i think it will suit you well :)
    can't get used to the idea that you celebrate these days in summer, that must give xmas a really different vibe!