Sunday, February 10, 2013

Recommendation: Trophy Wife

I don't normally do this, but I'm recommending a blog today... Trophy Wife.
It's a hilarious parody of blogging that has me laughing out loud with every post.  

With the slow wind down that seems to be happening with blogs and everyone 
jumping over to the instant gratification of facebook and instagram et al, I have 
a feeling that those of us who continue to blog will love this. 

Profile warning: all names have been changed... see if you can guess which 
Australian blogger this trophy wife really is :)


  1. Yes, our Mia's got plenty to say and needs to get blogging more often! Don't you TW? xx

    Well said Kylie! Xx

  2. Ha ha ha... totally hilarious! She may be the last blogger blogging in the future with the way blogs are winding down :)

  3. Thanks for the recommendation Kylie. She's a far witty woman than I am, so I just had to become her 21st follower!

  4. Love it! Does that mean I will end up being retro for blogging? xx

  5. EXCELLENT. And as a non-facebook/instagrammer I'd hate to see all the favourite blogs fizzle. (They're my hit of sanity between all the work bits)...

  6. Thank you for sharing this!! I can't wait to read it. Sounds like something I'll love :).

  7. Kylie, you are dream PA machine. Don't know if you noticed but I am up to 24 followers and fancy self as trending. Totes see another bar of Coles soap in your near future!!! Just for you I will hunt out another studly man in retro knit. It would be hard to get enough of those right? xxxooo Mia.

    1. Haha! FABulous news Mia! :) Looking forward to more. x

  8. Thank you for the recommendation Kylie. February gets too grey here. Nothing helps like a good laugh.Will visit!XX

  9. I've been mulling over what you said about the slow wind up of blogs... I was thinking the same thing, I was thinking that I don't read many blogs nowadays but then I wondered why, I miss reading blogs. But then Bazinger.... a brain wave, you see I've done as the bloggers asked me to do, I followed them also on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram but they post the same photos of what they are doing on all the social media so by the time it came to read their blog post I just skip over it, cos I've already seen that pic of Instagram. Is that just me? Am I alone in this thinking?
    I am guilty of asking people to follow me on the same social media, but I upload different photos to Instagram (I use my phone camera for that purpose only), I upload odd things I find on Facebook and stupid things that pop into my head on Twitter as I don't want people to be overloaded with the same mumbo jumbo from me on every social media outlet.
    Hmm, this is turning to be a long comment, oops.. sorry!!

  10. Very very funny... And it all sounds dangerously familiar!