Friday, February 15, 2013

Creative Space: Geo Love

Those who check in on my instagram might have seen last week that I 
carved a new block, a tricksy octagon. So, yes, it sat on my desk for a bit, 
but finally I've started playing around with it to see how it might form a pattern... 

I knew when I cut it out that it wasn't going to form easy continuous patterns, so
I made some of copies of the block and began playing with how they
might work. 

Attempt 1... I began by trying to form patterns with the shape of the block...

Attempt 2... I started looking at the pattern within the octagon and how the 
block could be placed to make these lines form a new pattern...

Attempt 3... bringing them all much closer to make the line patterns
more obvious...

And then Attempt 4... looking for new ways to make more obvious patterns 
within the pattern. 

There was something about this one that really appealed. instantly 
loved how I could see circles in the design and stars within the circles.

And this made me think of other possibilities if I looked at it as being
part of a geometric grid...

Anyway, I guess you can see where I'm going with this. There's still a lot of 
playing to do. So glad I can do this on the screen and not waste fabric ;)

What's in your creative space this week? You can see more here.


  1. what a brilliant way to observe your pattern! wish i could do that rather than doing the screen and then seeing how it looks! i really love the design, Kylie and gasped when saw the circles emerging!

  2. You had me at Geo ;-) Can't wait to see how it prints.

  3. Loving this block.. very versatile!! The circles are looking gorgeous! It's always so much fun playing with pattern creation! :)

  4. Oh fantastic, I love your way of working this out. Will have to try and remember it for next time i have to do anything with a geometric repeat. Can't wait to see it printed up.

  5. Absolutely stunning, wonderful to see it evolving too.

  6. What fun Kylie! I looove the way everything evolved ,so much more exciting that way. Can't wait to see the final print. XX

  7. what a great pattern kylie! i like your "modus operandi". looking forward to see the next step!
    Xx alessandra

  8. Nothin' like a play with positive and negative space to curl your mind and keep you awake at night! (talkin' from some experience here). Look forward to seeing some of that printery!

  9. I love seeing how you are putting this altogether-it promises to be yet another amazing design of yours!

  10. LOVE this, I like to see how you play with designs. Looking forward to your fabric, it will be great!

  11. incredible! at first i thought you'd carved a lot of blocks . . .
    so many great options there :)

  12. Modern technology has done a lot to help me spare materials, when I can visualize on-screen. :)

    This is really fascinating. I am no good at that type of vision, understanding patterns and repeats, and I find it very interesting to see how that type of creative process goes along. Very curious to see what you'll end up with!

  13. Option # 3 & 4 are making nice geometry. xo
    ~ Herman Swan

  14. At first I thought option 3 but this looks like it could really go some amazing distance once you've mastered the basics (looks like you already have). As always I'm impressed!

  15. Hi Kylie, I knew I'd discover something v. exciting bubbling away over here. I just knew it! : )
    Big hugs, It's been a while. x

  16. It's so interesting to see how geometry can be beautiful:)

  17. Thank you Kylie for your kind - yet also highly astute - comment on my craft tutorial. Li Edelkoort is totally eating my dust just trying to keep up...

  18. So exciting to follow your process like this Kyily. Amazing work!