Thursday, March 28, 2013

Creative Space: My Space

I have my own space now and I'm very excited :) 

I'm in the process of moving all of my equipment and bits and pieces 
into the room, so it's still a bit of a mess but I really couldn't care less - 
the joy of having a room of one's own!

 It's one of those long thin sleep-out kind of spaces that Queenslander 
houses have... windows down one side and I even have a wall where
I can finally hang some of the artworks and prints I've bought from 
blog friends over the years :)

I still need to find a suitable table for printing - actually I'm thinking about
getting a raised one as all this screen and block printing of late has been
causing havoc with my back. At the moment, though, I have a temporary 
desk there to work on.

And it's nice having all my printable fabric nearby... even if it's not the best 
storage method ;) No doubt over time I will nip and tuck and paint and alter 
many things – I have so many plans for my room :)

Sorry if this is super boring. You can more creative spaces over at Kirsty's.


  1. Not super boring at all. Super exciting.

  2. Definitely get a printing table setup that is the right height. Gotta look after your health if this is going to be a long term gig. But also, if you're more physically comfortable you'll be much happier and more productive. Very challenging though to fit in a printing table in this wonderful space you have. (Designing and adapting small spaces is an obsession of mine... I'm seeing a pull-down table top [something light-weight and recycled], something like those hidden iron-boards that fold down from inside a cupboard. The top itself could be the 'door' when it is up. Hmm.. difficult to describe what i'm ranting about here. Sure you have plenty of your own ideas. :) )

    How close is your water supply (for screen washing)?

    I'd also be thinking about setting up a very simple rope pulley system thingey for hanging fabric bits as you freshly print them. Particularly the smaller pieces. And have it close to the printing table for easy access.

    Okay, bit carried away with my comments here. Just been so long since I've printed and seeing your work space has set me longing for a studio again.

    Have fun!

  3. Oh I'm so happy for you! There's nothing like working in a space of one's own. Congratulations!

  4. You've already made it into a great space, I love all the shelving units you've put in, that's a lot of storage. I'm sitting in one of those long skinny rooms at the moment at my computer. At the moment though there are cardboard boxes and a linen cupboard and spillover stuff from my son's room alongside me. I always know it's time for mr p to clean up his room when it starts to clutter up this room too..hehe! Happy Easter!

  5. Wow, what a wonderful space! I'm especially jealous of your floorboards, we used to have lovely boards in our old house, but the house on top of the hill does not have such character! It's all swings and roundabouts, as I remind myself! S:)

  6. So nice to have a proper space to build an empire from.

  7. Now that is a great creative space! Enjoy it:)

  8. so exciting and great to have everything out and visible or stored just so and ready to work with! brilliant!

  9. What a great space. It always nice to have a designated crafting area.

  10. Fabulous space Kylie! Wishing you great creative times here;-)

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  12. good for you Kylie! the place looks wonderfull and I also noticed some familiar stuff :^)

  13. Looks wonderful!
    I recently set up our spare room as 'my space' & I LOOOVE it.

  14. Boring? How can something like this possibly be boring? It's WONDERFUL! Can't wait to see what you make of it over time!

  15. There's nothing even remotely boring about having your own creative space. It's christmas on a stick!! : )