Thursday, March 21, 2013

Creative Space: Printing frenzy

Have you signed up for the Handprinted Fabric Swap? And have you been in a 
printing frenzy too? It's been madness here. I can't seem to settle on a design.

The deadline is this coming Monday and I hope I make it in time. Here is a glimpse 
of what has been screen-printed and block-printed around here lately...

The first one is actually the very first lino block design I carved way back when.
Revisited in a neon pink (the camera couldn't really capture the neon).

Fan © Paravent

The next two started from an experiment with my brayer, just playing around and seeing
 what it could do. I decided to use it as a background for some other old screen print 
designs and lino blocks that I found when cleaning up my work room.

Golden Penda © Paravent
Retro © Paravent

And the last one is more experimentation with the octagon block. I'd had some
problems with the circle showing on top of the design so I worked out a way to
print all the circles in place first and then layer the octagon block on top.

Octagon Grey © Paravent

So, some printing has happened - a lot of printing - but I'm no closer deciding what to
send to my swap partners. If you're reading this, swap partners, can you tell me 
which you'd prefer please?

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  1. I'm thinking the pink has magnificence and wow! (but I'm not your swap partner..unfortunately) I do like the green 'flowery' one too.

  2. Oh man, you're making it too hard to choose - I love them all!! The octagon grey or the fan are probably my most favourite, surprise me : )

  3. Love that pink! Love the shape- very elegant! Reminds me of art nouveau designs - there was a great doco on sbs the other night about the rise and fall of art nouveau in Vienna.

  4. amazing, just like that three wonderful prints!
    i think any swapper would be lucky to have any of them x

  5. Absolutely wonderful work Kylie. You constantly surprise & delight me. I love stopping in at yours. x

  6. These are so so beautiful ! I want to have a go!!

  7. Wow! I'm so glad that you are one of my swap partners! These are all beautiful, I'd be happy to have any one of them. I'm suddenly feeling very worried about my own poor little fabric design now ;)
    Sarah x

  8. they are works of art, all of them...lucky swap partners whatever you decide to do x

  9. Like your work, Kylie, the Octagon Grey is my favourite.

  10. Fabulous. Always wanted to have a go at hand printing fabric. Love the pink, looks very deco and the grey is so very mid century modern, love it!

  11. I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.
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  12. They are all fabulous Kylie! You are really blossoming here;-)

  13. Oh, wow, you've been wonderfully busy! I love them all, and I'd have just as hard a time choosing as you. Love seeing how good you're getting at this!

  14. Such lovely busy-ness! Lucky swap partners.
    I sure hope all the exciting experimenting is catchy. : )

  15. Love the colours and shapes you've used here, and great composition!