Thursday, March 14, 2013

Creative Space: Pouf

I've wanted to make one of these for ages. I did start once with normal yarn but quickly 
gave that up as a joke when I realised I need about a hundred balls to finish the project ;) 
But where to find nice chunky yarn? Well, recycled t-shirt fabric with the strangely 
culinary name of Zpagetti of course!

It started off well - once you get used to the necessary hand aerobics -  and was 
surprisingly quick too. I finished it in two days and the only time I'm getting to crochet 
at the moment is during a couple of TV watching hours each night... ie it takes 
no time at all.


So, the body is done and the little lid. All I have to do now is make the filling and 
le pouf will be finished.

My other Creative Space news is I've started work on Maze & Vale's
Handprinted Fabric Swap but unfortunately botched it up somehow... I'm not even
sure how actually, it just printed up with so many blotches. Anyway, I shall soldier
on with this one. I have a couple of theories to try out.

Hope you've had a great week? See more creative spaces at Kirsty's.


  1. Nice pouf! Do you like to work with Zpagetti?

  2. Looks great. I have a big role of grey Zpagetti but I am finding it very hard to work with. Any tips???

  3. Lovin the pouf too. Can't wait to see it stuffed!

    It may not be perfect, but I think there's life in those prints yet. :)

  4. Honestly .. I love the imperfections Kylie. Maybe they're more pronounced than is evident here on my screen but even that appeals to me. The pouf is gorgeous. Reminds me of one I hand-crocheted in many colours of thick wool back in the 70s and it also incorporated twine to bulk it out. Took forever. 'Forever' seemed to be a much shorted period of time when I was young(er).

  5. Love the idea of the pouf! And, honestly? I kind of like the "blotches." I do know, though, that it's easier to love imperfections in others' work than in your own. At least, that's the case for me. But I'm liking the blotches, it's not a total wash in my opinion!

  6. Love the colour of your pouf, I look forward to seeing it in all of its glory. What are you going to stuff it with?

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  8. I will agree with the rest before me Kylie- I like the imperfections!
    And I am so impressed with the pouf. You are becoming so proficient at this.

  9. omg stunning, really, blotches? gorgeous!