Sunday, March 3, 2013

Geo Love Printed

Sorry for the break in transmission... life continues to get in the way around here.
Some progress: I've had a go at printing up my new Geo Love block. 

The circles I added on the computer last time looked so good in the design that I decided 
to carve a circle block to go with the geo... thank goodness I did. Not one for accurate
mathematical planning, it absolutely came in handy for keeping the design in place,
for the most part anyway ;)

I started with white circles and laid the Geo Love block over the top in silver, but it was 
too pale on the natural linen...

So, I decided to overprint again, this time in a darker grey...

Do you see stars or octagons? :)

Then it all started feeling a bit too much like the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
as this one looks a bit too dark to me ;) Hopefully, when I print it again I will find the 
perfect tone of grey that is 'just right' :)

For now, this one is done. I think I'll make it up into a tea towel when I can coax 
my sewing machine into working again (it gets very temperamental in high humidity 
and it's been raining here for days on end). 

Hope things aren't too Goldilocks in your part of the world! :)


  1. Oh boy oh boy!
    I am LOVING this new print.
    The colour combo is fantastic and the circles are a genius addition.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Kylie! Loving the circles too! :)

  3. OH Kylie, you've OUTDONE YOURSELF!! YET AGAIN!!! XO

  4. brilliant! i see the stars first.
    been a bit goldilocks here as i've been sinking into the repeat classes online ~ did my head after all day saturday but i've come out the other side today feeling good {or at least clearer} about it.
    hope you get a break from the rain.

  5. WOW! This is really superb stuff Kylie! Love it xx

  6. oooo!!this is so fabulous!! <3

  7. Oooooh! It's so cool! (I see stars first.) I love all the in-progress shots.

  8. Kylie, this is a truly great design! What does it say about you? You are a great designer and i love to look at your photos!

  9. I am amazed to get This is a great posting I have read.

  10. I am loving this one Kylie! Thank you for sharing this whole process!X