Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Embroiderer

I've been working on this one at the same time as the others... it started as a bit of fun. 
I wanted it to be full of mistakes and pricked fingers... my antidote to trying to make the 
others so perfect. 

Loose threads and stitches that go nowhere...

Using the canvas paper was great for showing mistakes. Once you make that hole, 
there's no making it disappear again as there is with fabric.

It wasn't meant to be a piece for sale, but then it just sort of came together.

So, I've put it in my big cartel shop :)


  1. Kylie, this is amazing. I am loving this new direction you are going in. All the different layers are amazing. How did you get the texture in to the background? Did you spray it through some open weave cloth? Beautiful. xx

    1. Thanks Jane :) I'm enjoying it so much. Re background, nothing so amazing I'm afraid - I just scanned some fabric and printed it on the paper to increase the 'embroidery' look of it. Kx

  2. you could knick name it "blood , sweat and tears". Those loops going "nowhere"as you put it look like rivulets of tears or blood. Very talented

  3. This is just gorgeous Kylie, love the loose tasselly red threads, great composition.

  4. It's totally awesome! Sometimes the things that we are more relaxed about often turn out the best!

  5. Oh my goodness, it's AMAZING! Wonderfully artistic, beautifully composed. Love it! (I find that sometimes I do my best work when I'm not thinking about the end.)