Friday, May 18, 2012

Easy F :)

That little something extra I referred to yesterday has actually been a grand 
obsession of mine for ages... I've really REALLY wanted to learn how to 
crochet 3D letters. Thinking this baby blanket was not 'baby' enough was an
excuse I used to have a go at creating my own letters... and luckily it was a 
straightforward one. No 'Easy A' here today, but an 'Easy F' :) ha!

Do you remember a year or more ago there was a photo of some knitted or 
crocheted letters surfing around the blogisphere... a whole alphabet of them? 
I was so in love with that image (still am!)... unfortunately, it's been withdrawn 
now from the Flickr account of the artist so I'm guessing she no longer wishes 
for it to be out there.

I have a plan to create my own set... it's going to be challenging working out 
the rounded letters but I'm excited about it. Anyway, here we are - the first
Paravent Alphatext. What do you think - should I make some for the shop?
Have a great weekend :)


  1. You set yourself some serious challenges Kylie - can't wait to see how it all unfolds.

  2. Your F is Fing awesome! can't wait to see the whole set, are you going to do them all the same colour or a different colour for each? xo

  3. I second that, it is awesome. Can't wait to see some more.

  4. love it!
    Clever old you. Make them for the shop, make them as pressents, make them for your self, make them for fun and the hell of making them!

  5. Absolutely! F is fabulous, have a great weekend too!

  6. you make me curious; it must be difficult for the O's and P's!
    the blanket looks great, very stylish.
    have a nice weekend Kylie :)

  7. You are an absolute crochet demon! I can't get my head (fingers) around crochet...yet. Practice makes perfect?

  8. It's marvellous! Such a good idea too. It think I saw something similar on Pinterest recently - have you searched over that way?

  9. Love the F, Kylie! And I almost can't wait to see your whole alphabet. It will be very successfull in your shop!

  10. That's fantastic! If anyone can work it out, you can. And I'm certain you'd find a market for the letters *and* for patterns for the alphabet in crochet.

  11. Love this idea, Kylie. My fashion design student daughter said "ooh, would make a great jumper". Keep up the good work!