Monday, June 18, 2012

Deliverance: Fine Little Porcelain, Necklace + Print

Some happy postal treats have been arriving on my lucky doorstep...

Porcelain from Elisabeth at Fine Little Day (my saucers with the cups).

A Tin Tin thank you necklace from Katherine (the printer ink recipient).

A gorgeous Superb Blue Wren print from Kristina and Jason of Inaluxe 
(lucky giveaway).

I've also been working away at new blankets and cushions... in fact I've 
become a woman obsessed. I have a picture in my mind of my shop filled
with strong graphic crochet designs happily waiting for the right person/buyer
to come along :) Ha! Yes, dreams and fantasies. Anyway, this is an update 
photo for the harlequin blanket...

Thank you to Elisabeth, Katherine, Kristina and Jason for my lucky goodies!


  1. Wow Kylie!
    I love everything - especially those cups!x

  2. Wow those cups and saucers are gorgeous! I also love inaluxe, their prints are just lovely, congratulations on the win :)
    It's esay to get obsessed when crocheting... ha ha ha

  3. That purple diamond is perfectly placed!

  4. blimey, lucky you! I love the bird print. And the blankets are amazing.

  5. Completely jealous of your goodies but loving your blanket!
    Great to see your pattern journey, I'm loving a bit of diamond action at the moment too :-)

  6. we have to have our daydreams and fancies...where would we be without them??! Love those scalloped cups and lucky you winning that fab Inaluxe's work x

  7. Love every single thing on your pictures! Oh and your triangles are so great!

  8. oh the harlequin blanket is gonna be fabulous.. so pretty. i love the cups too, by the way. :)

  9. Oh looks so good with the yellow Kyile! Double thanks :)
    Like the necklace as well, and the soon to be blanket!

  10. Beautiful things in your space! I like unfinished, in-progress work--the photos seem more real in some way.