Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Faces behind blogs

I'm a bit late but still joining in Elisabeth's 'intrusive face' fun... 
the up close and unadorned faces behind blogs (well, in my case anyway!)

Are you playing along? Do you like knowing what the people behind 
your favourite blogs look like? and why is that?


  1. Hello... nice to see you :) I love seeing who are behind the blog I read! I think it helps make you feel like more connected to them I suppose.. not just word on a web page :)

  2. Well, hello there! It's great to meet you "in-person" :). Cute photo! I love your sweater.

  3. hi kylie! where is 3sheets? i missed all this!
    i also think it's nice to know the face behind, yours i knew already, but from some you have no idea!

  4. totally feel more connection when there's a face to associate with a space. seeing you (as i've said before) is a treat! Kylie, you really remind me of Isabella Rossellini - beautiful! xo ♥