Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Inspiration: Lynn Basa

I don't remember now where I first came across the work of Lynn Basa 
but the sensory feeling of being pulled into her paintings is just as strong 
today as it was then. Have you seen her works on paper before?

She uses a technique known as Encaustic Painting, which is basically 
adding pigments to wax (in Basa's case it's beeswax) and then manipulating
the pigments to create form or abstractions. When I first saw it I thought it was a 
kind of fabric painting medium with silk... I guess it has that same 'wet work' feel ;)

I often feel when mixing up fabric paints that I'm creating a brew of some kind; it 
has that vague culinary dynamic to it that always makes me smile. Nice to note 
that I'm perhaps not alone in these thoughts, as Basa has entitled her pieces 
fanciful names like Blanc Mange, Silver Cake and White Cake :)

Anyway, if you're interested in bio details: Lynn Basa lives in Chicago and teaches 
in the Sculpture Department of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She's a 
prominent public artist and is also the author of The Artist's Guide to Public Art.
But, for me, it's her works on paper that really *pop* and sizzle :)

You can see more of Lynn Basa's works on her website, which is gorgeously 
entitled Other People's Pixels :)


  1. oh Kylie thank you I'd never heard of her, but I LOVE her work, thanks xo

  2. i've not seen her work before but am very glad for the introduction, it's lovely and tranquil! although it also has me craving some chocolate chip ice cream ;) yes, the culinary dynamic is well played here. great share! ♥