Monday, June 25, 2012

The gap

I've been busy trying to build a body of work for my Etsy store and listening 
to a lot of tutorials and workshops on how to go about this. I couldn't work out
for a while why I suddenly had to make this work; where the determination came 
from... and then I found this poster by Sawyer Hollenshead of an Ira Glass quote.

Maybe it's just me being susceptible to suggestion, but I feel like I've been playing 
away for so long and I'm so inspired now to put these years of dabbling into practise.
I still like playing with ideas but I want to take what I do seriously... does that make
sense? Have you had a similar *moment* ? 

Perhaps I'm just deluding myself but I'm going to have fun doing it! :)


  1. Oh I've seen this too - and it was exactly what I needed to hear. Thankyou Ira Glass. I'm sure though Kylie (really sure) that your work is up to scratch already and if not the gap will only be small. Off you go!

  2. I adore Ira Glass (lately I reckon I've designed hundreds of square metres of graphics while listening to This American Life). I wonder if those hundreds of square metres of graphics will do anything for The Gap...

  3. Oh the gap is closed for you Kyile. But do continue playing, you do it seriously good!

  4. What an amazing quote!
    I really don't think you are deluding your self, your work is amazing. Who wouldn't want to snap it up?

  5. I don't think you are deluding yourself at all... You just got to do it and you will! :) I have the same little bee buzzing around my head at the moment too... I feel like a woman possessed to get things done ... "do the volume of work to close the gap" to get where I want to go! Such inspiring/scary words... I'm working on it! I did a little post on Ira Glass earlier in the year too...

    Right better get back to it!
    Thanks for reminding me of this :)

  6. I hadn't seen this before, it's really very comforting. But do you have to show your not quite so good things to the world or is it alright to hide them in a drawer?

  7. This is so very true, and just what I needed to read right now.

    You stopped by my place from Flaming Nora's a while ago - it's taken me until now to work out how to find you *blushing* and say thanks for your comment, I too had that dread of 'disappointing people' in real life when meeting up for the first time, glad it all worked out very well though.

    Great to find your blog, I'm off for a mooch around. x

  8. and i'm going to have fun watching you because everything you are doing on the way is fantastic!
    It is an amazing quote and something that rings true to me too. I think my light bulb moment was my screen printing, not that I think i'm anywhere nearly 'there' yet!

  9. Keep going girl you are doing just fine! Determination and hard work will be rewarded, I'm a bit overwhelmed and frustrated right now by the many ideas I got and by the fact that I'm stuck on how to realised them! I know it's a matter of time all I need is focus. something that you clearly have now! x

  10. Thanks for posting this Kylie! I feel like I'm in exactly the same place right now with trying to figure out how to make things work. And no, you're not deluding yourself :)

  11. Thank you for posting this, I've never seen it before and it does speak to me a lot. I'm very new to blogging and in fact believing in myself so at 39 years old I'm only just starting out on even giving things a try. So again thank you, they're some very encouraging words for me. Jo xx

  12. isn't it something when a piece of another's heart fits our own so well. this poster says it all! how completely serendipitous that you found it right when you needed it most. that's what i call a universal conspiracy, in our favor :)

    i have a tear right now because last night i was out for dinner with my (much younger) gf Jane. she got a tattoo "keep fighting" on her inner arm about 2-ish years ago. she's now in the process of having it removed. i was dumbfounded, why? i asked. she said that things in life shouldn't have to be fought for. i disagree somewhat, i'm emailing this to her right now. thanks Kylie, your insight and perspective have touched me deeply today. keep going girl, you are SO on the right path!!!! xo ♥

  13. DAMNED good quote, K. Someone sent this to me last year after I was moaning about everything I do being crap. Maybe it is, but this encouraged me not to stop, to keep chugging along, and along, and along. Thanks for the reminder. MP XO

  14. I think pros at art want to help people that aren't good but they want those beginners to go through the trail and error necessary to learn. They don't want to give help to people that haven't earned it.