Friday, June 22, 2012

Postal goodies

Some more exciting deliveries arrived today... I was the lucky winner of Kate's 
giveaway. Two fabulous Japanese craft books - they are so gorgeous! 
Thanks Kate :)

The patterns are so easy to follow with great diagrams... I actually find them
much easier to follow than their wordy English counterparts.

AND my fluorescent wool arrived... (it's very bright!)

I ended up getting it from here and it was rather reasonable in cost but the 
postage was prohibitive! Not sure I would have bought it if I'd known the 
postage cost beforehand (there was no viewing of it until it had all gone 
through... don't you hate it when sites do that?)

Also, I was in the city today and saw this at Gorman... I couldn't believe my eyes! 
Funny how designs are nowhere and then suddenly they are everywhere! 
Weird actually... ;) Maybe it's simply a case that it's always there but you only 
notice it after you have something the same, like with cars or prams etc?

Hope you've had a great week!


  1. Wow you are on a lucky streak :) I love getting things in the post... it's like christmas!
    That yarn is very bright... will it glow in the dark? if so, how cool!

    ha ha ha that's funny about the jumper design! I agree that happens to me too! Though sometimes it's the opposite... when you REALLY want something you can never find anywhere! Can't win sometimes hey! :)

  2. that's so bizarre to see that jumper!!

    lucky you winning those books, they are awesome, Kylie, well done. All those crochet projects look divine...I so must start crocheting ;-)

  3. oh yay!! i'm so pleased they got to you before the weekend.
    i can't wait to see what you make from them.
    we have a crazy busy but exciting melbourne weekend planned.
    but first we must move into our newly painted house.
    i hope yours is super happy.

  4. Japanese craft books are the best! I have several of them. I can't read a single instruction but I find them very inspiring.

    Funny about the sweater!! :)

  5. Hello Kylie,
    I love those books, you will have so much fun with them. And i have the exact same colors yarn as you have, they are great don't you think! That jumper design.... what can I say :)

  6. opening up the mailbox to see actual packages sitting there waiting for you is the BEST! you definitely got some real goodness Kylie and congrats on the giveaway win too!! bet you'll have a bunch of fun dissecting the designs and patterns.

    the glow-flo wool is awesome as can be! may you indulge freely & frequently in it :) the sweater brings about a knowing grin, that's really something hey! wild stuff. ♥

  7. I've only been lurking lately and not leaving many comments I'm afraid, generally because there is a baby in my lap, but I had to say; perhaps you have discovered the next owl? The next design must have? The geometric replacement of the ripple?

    Also loving those crochet books. I'm sure you will put them to good use. Can't wait to see how your fluro yarn hooks up. :)