Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More postal goodies :)

Some more amazing deliveries today (I'm getting really scared about my next 
credit card bill!) but how could I regret buying these lovelies? :) They are all
specials finds from Alessandra's shop Knots

The pot holders are by the wonderful Renilde from At-Swin-Two-Birds.

I couldn't resist getting one of Renilde's mobiles while I was there as well...

And this gorgeous plate is from the Stylecraft 'Midwinter' range of Staffordshire 
Potteries. The design is from the 'Nature Study' collection (c.1955) by Terence 
Conran. Isn't it divine? I have it displayed on some postcards by Leah Duncan 
that I've had for a while.

Okay, no more shopping from me for quite a while now... I think I've helped 
the European economy enough at this stage! ;) 


  1. I love everything you have chosen here Kylie -
    absolutely gorgeous!x (that plate is pretty special)

  2. I love everything too, that plate is magnificent and also the postcards! Thanks for helping the European economy:)

  3. Ahhh the plate is divine! So are your other treats! :)

  4. and we are greatly appreciative of your efforts, Kylie...tricky to refrain when the pieces are so pretty ;-)

  5. You've certainly done your part! :) Great picks!

  6. oh boy, do i ever feel you about giving the cheek to my credit card statement this month. meeting it with a clear view is gonna be a challenge - yipes! but your purchases were well worth every penny. such great assortments here Kylie. love that mobile, it's amazing! ♥

  7. :D thank you Kylie! You did more than merely helping the European economy!!!
    Those postcards are perfect with the plate!