Thursday, June 21, 2012

Literary treat

This is the book I'm reading at the moment (it's WONDERFUL!) and
I'm really thrilled that Anna Funder has won the Miles Franklin Literary Award.
Also... totally over the moon that she's given award-scrappers here in Qld a telling 
off as well! I think I actually hooted out loud when she referred to those here 
with "dictatorial inclinations"! :) So funny. Congratulations Anna!


  1. Loved that book, an amazing story. and boo to dictators ;-)

  2. I heard her interviewed today on RN - very erodible.
    ...and anything that can bring attention to our present state government - qld is going back to the bad ole country party days (only dressed-up under a new name) is fine by me.
    BTW, really enjoying your posts Kylie x

  3. Hi! I started it and have put it aside till I have space to give it all my attention. I loved her first book so, so much. And she is marvellous in interview.

  4. Yes- I had a laugh too- go girl! But on a serious note- it is so short sighted to scrap the Premier's Literary award and we are the ones to miss out. I wonder if he reads books? ;)

  5. KYLIE :D Melbourne is going wonderfully, it's such a beautiful city. Cold but bursting with creativity. How is my home town going? Am loving your new blog x (p.s blog commenting sucks for conversation!)