Monday, July 9, 2012

So exciting...!

What's exciting me this month? The Hey Maker! collective in Murwillumbah :)

These fabulous peeps are fund-raising to set up a creative hub in their town...
I think it's fabulous and have made a pledge to help them along... 
Can you help them too? Find their pledge site here.

The Hey Maker! collective is a group of creatives in the Tweed Valley area 
who are passionate about creating a space where artists, designers, makers
and crafters can gather to create, exhibit and sell their wares.

They are Ellie from Petalplum, Jo Olive from Olive and the Volcano, Belinda 
from Belinda Smith Artist and Kathy from Oiko. They have a joint blogsite here
or you can visit their Facebook page to keep up with their progress.

I think it's a wonderful project. Hope you think so too :)


  1. That sounds so cool - great to hear about artists doing it for themselves. Hope it's a great success!

  2. Oh thank you so much for putting us on your blog, and also for your very generous pledge of support. It's simply so wonderful having other creatives support what we are doing. I would love for you to visit our little space, when it happens one day, and share some of your amazing work.
    Have a happy week xx

  3. Pledge made!

    Also, packages received. Keep an eye on the blog tomorrow... xx

  4. Sounds great! Wishing them super success:)